Algunos elementos no se han traducido al ser nombres de items.


Item Name NCoin Price Restrictions
Agathion – Liposa800
Agathion – Velarin800
Agathion – Niveri800
Agathion – Goras800
Agathion – Hamell600
VIP 2+

Nuevos Packs

Disponibles a hasta el 15 de mayo y estan limitados a 1 por cuenta

Nombre del packContenidoNCoin Price
Newbie PackBlack Samurai Longsword (30-Day)
Mysterious No-grade Soulshot x5000
Special Hero’s Fruit x15
Hunting Support PackDandy’s Home Run Balls x10
Hero’s XP/SP Scrolls x10
Newbie Amulet (30-day) – For level 39 and below
Royal Equipment PackTimed Weapon Exchange Coupon B-grade (15-day) x2
Timed Warrior’s Defense Set Boxes (30-day C-grade Armor Sets)
Timed Rare Accessories (30-day Boss Jewels: Ring of Core, Queen Ant’s Ring, and Orfen’s Earring)

Detalle del contenido de los packs de la tabla anterior

Nombe de los itemsDescripción
Special Hero’s FruitFor 20 minutes, P./ M. Atk. +8%, P./ M. Def. +15%, HP/MP/CP +18%, HP/MP Recovery +24%. Recovers as HP 3% of the physical damage inflicted on the enemy with a certain probability. Cannot be stacked with Special Fruit Buff. Cannot be exchanged, dropped or sold, shared within account. Can store in a warehouse. 
Dandy’s Home Run BallGolden Ball received from Dandy. For 1 hour, XP/SP +100%. Cannot be stacked with Fish Stew – The Guild’s Gratitude. Changes the appearance of your armor into that of a Lineage II Uniform. Buff remains after death. Cannot be exchanged, dropped, destroyed, or sold in a private store. Can be stored in a private warehouse. 
Hero’s XP/SP ScrollFor 20 minutes, XP/ SP +50%. Cannot be exchanged, dropped or sold, shared within account. Can store in a warehouse.
Newbie Amulet (30-day)30-day. Increases XP and SP gain by +50% while hunting. Can only be used by characters Lv. 39 or below. Cannot be exchanged, dropped, or sold. Can be stored in a private warehouse. 
Timed Weapon Exchange Coupon (B-grade)Exchange for a 15-day B-grade weapon through the Dimensional Merchant. Exchanged weapons cannot be enchanted, exchanged, or dropped.


Item NameNCoin PriceRestrictions
Fairy Antennae320 
Dapper Cap400
Vigilante Hat400
Cat Ears340VIP 2+